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Isekkai - A Branding & UX Project

A Spiritual Wellbeing Brand


In a fast-paced world, finding balance and inner peace has never been more crucial. Isekkai emerges as your trusted companion on the journey to spiritual well-being. It is more than a brand; it is the gatekeeper of positive energy, offering a curated selection of energy crystals and tarot cards to awaken your inner wisdom and nurture your soul.

Project Info


Spiritual Wellbeing



Branding & UX Case Study

Client's Expectation

My client, the spiritual well-being brand "Isekkai," has entrusted me with a multifaceted branding project. Their expectations include creating an abstract logo that encapsulates the brand's spiritual essence, modernizing the entire brand identity, selecting a resonant brand name, designing unique tarot cards, and developing a suite of advertising and social media collaterals. My mission is to craft a comprehensive and resonant brand narrative, infusing "Isekkai" with modernity, spirituality, and a sense of connection, guiding individuals on their journeys to well-being and enlightenment. This project aims to establish "Isekkai" as a leading voice in the realm of spiritual well-being.

Branding & UX Case Study
Branding & UX Case Study

Problem Statement

The challenge at hand is to develop a holistic branding solution for 'Isekkai,' a spiritual well-being brand. Key issues include creating an abstract logo that effectively captures the brand's spiritual essence, modernizing the overall brand identity, selecting a resonant and contemporary brand name, designing unique and engaging tarot cards, and crafting advertising and social media collaterals that authentically convey the brand's mission and connect with its target audience. The overarching goal is to establish 'Isekkai' as a trusted and influential presence in the spiritual well-being market, enhancing individuals' journeys to inner peace and enlightenment through a cohesive and resonant brand narrative.

Branding & UX Case study
Branding & UX Case study

Challenges Solved

I adeptly resolved multiple challenges in their project. I created an abstract logo keeping the color constraints and target audience in my mind and capturing the brand's spiritual essence, modernize the overall brand identity, select a contemporary brand name, design unique tarot cards, and craft engaging advertising and social media materials. These solutions establish "Isekkai" as a modern, spiritually resonant brand that guides individuals on well-being journeys. The agency effectively addresses the challenge of visually representing abstract concepts, ensuring resonance with contemporary audiences, and creating distinctive divination tools. Their efforts position "Isekkai" as a trusted and influential presence in the spiritual well-being market, enhancing personal growth and enlightenment.

Branding & UX Image
Branding & UX Case Study
Branding & UX Case Study
Branding & UX Image

Client's Testimonial

Partnering with Ambuj for our 'Isekkai' project has been an enlightening experience. His ability to distill our spiritual essence into an abstract logo is truly remarkable. The modernization of our brand identity, along with the selection of a resonant brand name, has exceeded our expectations. His unique tarot card designs resonate deeply with our audience, and his advertising and social media materials have fostered a genuine sense of community. Thanks to his expertise, 'Isekkai' now stands as a beacon of spiritual well-being and enlightenment. We couldn't be happier with the results, and we look forward to continuing our journey with him.

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